Commercial Auction Services

The sale of commercial real estate via auction can be a more efficient and successful method of achieving a premium price for your property in a shorter time frame. A structured Auction campaign can deliver more stability during the marketing process.

Regularly the result of a Commercial Auction Strategy can be more effective than Private Treaty, Tender or EOI. Through competitive bidding your property could achieve a higher price than expected and remember that your reserve price protects you from selling at a less than desirable price.

Sufficient advertising and promotion of commercial Property is absolutely critical to its success. Select the best possible advertising mediums to expose your specific auction and attempt to reach the target market by way of these mediums. Very careful consideration needs to be given to the target market when deciding on the most suitable advertising campaign.
Depending on the type of auction, the time and value of the campaign can vary quite substantially but it is important not to under expose the auction if you wish to maximise the financial result. Having a strong, qualified crowd of buyers goes a long way towards the success of a commercial property.


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