Residential Auctions

The art of selling Residential Real Estate : A successful sale results from a balanced combination of a skilled Auctioneer, an agent with a proven auction track record, the right marketing mix and a prominent company. It’s about understanding and supporting expectations.

Because residential auctions are of a specific nature it is imperative to select an auctioneer that is ideally suited to this type of Auction. The success of your auction often depends on the ability of the auctioneer and his/her knowledge of the type of property submitted to auction. The atmosphere and spontaneous activity that comes with these types of auctions requires certain qualities such as a quick wit, an ability to “get on with it” and sell for extended periods at a fast pace. Alternatively, more refined auctions such as Fine Art, calls for an auctioneer that displays a good level of patience and decorum.

Selection of the most suitable auctioneer is sometimes understated and many auctions fail to reach the desired results and standards because of poor selection.


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