In-room Auctions

No curious neighbours, no noisy Locations, no bad weather or public embarrassment if no one turns up. If that sounds like your idea of auction-day bliss, in-room auctions maybe for you. Fans of in-room property auctions claim, that the method commonly used to sell antiques, artworks, cars and even livestock can overthrow a street auction because it creates a more captive buying audience.

It may also appeal to time-poor property investors seeking a quick snapshot of a market. And those who prefer the transparency of a public auction over a private sale, but without the public spectacle of a street auction, may be intrigued by this new breed of bidding.

Bringing bidders together at a neutral location, such as a hotel conference room, has been popular in Queensland and New South Wales since the 1980s.
Greater control of how an auction unravels and no risk of inclement weather cooling buyer enthusiasm are two top reasons in-room auctions are in vogue.

Any property entry level through to high-end luxury are able to be auctioned, off-site.

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