On-site Auctions

On Site Real Estate Auctions are a specialised process, established to provide vendors a convenient and effective method of managing the sale of their property. The service involves the sale of commercial or residential real estate by auction at the vendor's premises or an alternate location if otherwise preferred.

onsiteauctionOnsite auctions can be offered as a solution for commercial or residential properties that are generally not located in the CBD, where access and parking have no strict limitations, where neighbouring businesses or homes are not affected throughout the sale process and also where there are no strict time constraints for our clients premise to be vacated. Friends, buyers and people from the neighbourhood can create a great crowd and boost the numbers at the auction creating a convincing atmosphere.


On Site Auction Overview:

- Crowd. The neighbors will almost certainly be present.

- Curiosity. Those always wanting to see inside the property will get a chance.

- Support formed by the nieghbourhood can create a greater atmosphere.

- Bidders can experience the property first hand to create an emotional attachment.


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